Move with Love

In Move with Love I share all things travel, tourism, culture, intercultural issues, international stories, destination tips, etc. All with love for travel and its transformation power.

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Care with Love

In Care with Love I will talk to you all things self-care and self-love, including holistic remedies, herbs, essential oils. Look here for recipes, inspiration, and tips on how to best love your wonderful self.

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Mind with Love

Here in Mind with Love we will dig deep into topics of love, happiness, kindness, compassion, neuroscience, meditation – anything that will bring more love and peace to your mind.

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Next Steps…

Go ahead, explore! You can find me on Istagram @lanaloveco; or shoot me a question through the contact form, or explore the world of precious essential oils I’m working with at mydoterra.com/lanaramer You are welcome at any of these!

Love, Lana

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