You are the 100%

Do you have that one moment that changed your whole life? Can you name a point in time that separated the “before” and “after”? That set off something in you from which there was no return?

For me it happened during yoga teacher training. At a group brung I happened to listen in on a conversation between a med school student and someone who was already practicing in the field of medicine. The med student was complaining about the complexity and boring-ness of whatever topic was being covered that semester (GI tract, I believe). The medical professional smiled comfortingly and uttered what would become the mind-bomb that charted my life’s path: “Don’t worry, once you graduate and choose a specialization you’ll forget 95% of that stuff”. Like, WHAT?????

How would you like a doctor that only treats 5% of your body and forgets the rest? At that moment I decided that I was going to make a difference. Through yoga, essential oils, and now herbalism I have been working ever since to help people see themselves as the 100% and address their wellness from that point of view.

Always remember that you are the 100%. Your body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and if anything is amiss all three need to be looked at and healed. We have centuries of knowledge accumulation through Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, shamanism and many other practices that teach us to treat the whole human. Not just the 5% of specialization retained from med school.

Holistic approach is at the heart of all I do. What is your defining moment? Share in comments what drives you!

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