If you’d like to experience yoga as it should be, with an intention for each practice,  a carefully crafted sequence and synergistic aromatherapy – come take a class! All classes are donation based. See schedule below to choose a class, add an optional donation, and attend in person or via Zoom. All classes happening at 200 Medical Dr, Suite A, Carmel, IN 46032. 

For private yoga sessions, corporate yoga, and bridal shower/girls’ party arrangements please reach out at


” Svitlana is my favorite yoga and wellness teacher. I started doing yoga about a year ago, after I had a back injury. Now, I’m feeling much stronger, firmer, and confident in different poses. Svitlana combines well the teaching of yoga and aromatherapy, which makes her unique on the market. She’s creative and committed to her wellness programs. I highly recommend Svitlana.”

Inna H. , group yoga student at the Russian School of Indiana

” She’s an experienced fitness instructor with enough knowledge to keep me from hurting myself. Her passion in the pursuit of a better way to live life is infectious. You would be a fool to pass up a mentor like Svitlana.”

Judah H., group yoga student at the Monon Community Center

“Love taking Svitlana’s yoga at the Russian School on Saturdays! Not only does it help to rejuvenate and recharge but Svitlana always devotes the practice to something special and the class gets filled with a true purpose! Additional oil and chocolate gifts help end each class on a positive note! I highly recommend her classes to newbies, intermediate yoga lovers and more! Trust her once and you will want more!”

Alyona T., group yoga student at the Russian School of Indiana

“I saw my doctor in early December after having insomnia for about 2 months straight. My doctor recommended that I start practicing yoga to help me sleep and I began attending Lana’s classes shortly afterwards. Since Christmas I have been sleeping much better and have been able to get to sleep without the help of NyQuill.”

Zach, group yoga student at the Monon Community Center

“Lana takes her students to a higher level of understanding in their Yoga practice. I’ve learned that if you are not breathing properly, it’s not Yoga.  If not Yoga, then you are just exercising. And that Yoga is truly seeking union or one with ourselves, others and the world.”

Jonathan B., group yoga student at the Monon Community Center

“She is a very kind person who knows how to help with any type of questions. A wonderful teacher of yoga, she always finds the best approach for each person. With her, yoga is always beneficial for me and makes me happy.”

Anastasia M., group yoga student at the Russian School of Indiana

“I highly recommend Lana as a yoga instructor. I have found that the classes I have consistently taken noticeably increased my wellbeing on both a spiritual and physical levels. She is a kind-hearted passionate yogi who creates an inviting atmosphere for students – beginners or advanced – to unwind and get more out of a yoga session. Namaste Lana!”

Nellie., private student

“The workshop gave me a solid introduction for learning what yoga holds beyond the “pose”. Lana provided excellent materials for class discussion, demonstrating how Yoga philosophy increases one’s ability to live more harmoniously with oneself and community.”

Molly M., Foundations of Yoga Workshop attendee

“Svitlana infuses each class not only with her deep understanding of yoga but also her enthusiasm and sense of humor. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her playlist makes me dance the whole car ride home.”

Rose H., YogaSix student

“She is awesome! Favorite yoga teacher – goes above and beyond for students & brings in extras to make the experience amazing!!. Love her!”

Anonymous Monon Community Center student

“Lana is a fantastic instructor. She cares about each member’s practice and is a calming presence.”

Jessica K., Monon Community Center student

“Thank you so much for bringing a new theme each week. Feeling with eyes shut, renewing, our masks, addressing our fears, energy. I appreciate all you do to share this practice. Thanks for the smells too.”

Phil R., Monon Community Center student

“Your VinYin class always leaves me feeling so energized. You are a true light in this world and we need more people like you.”

Hannah, Monon Community Center student

“Thank you for all the thought you put into each session.”

Jody, Monon Community Center student