Why LanaLoveCo?

Why Lana Love? LanaLoveCo is the name of my wellness business and my personal brand. If you are a business owner you know that choosing a name that reflects your idea, passion, and purpose can be one of the most nerve wracking things ever. As in “omg how do I ever reflect all that is on my mind in 2-3 words??” panic. I really love the stories behind business names as they can tell me so much as to what the business is all about.

I have been in a “divine dance” with the word “love for a while. When first reading The Secret, I chose on a heart as my sign of attraction from the Universe. I then was guided to read “A return to love” by Marianne Williamson, “Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and “The two truths about love” by Jason Fischer. This word kept finding its way into my life over and over again. I then started my Miracle Membership with Gabrielle Bernstein and on the first month the theme was “I see through the lens of love”. Okay, Universe, I get it! Jeesh!

I have come to understand the energy of love as the creative force from which the whole fabric of the Universe is made, and what can be called by terms such as “God” and “Spirit”. Love is all there is, and it is only when we turn away from the loving nature of reality we experience unfavorable circumstances.

After that it was a matter of putting two and two together… And the name feels good! All I do in my business is from a place of love, out of love, to bring more love, and to share love. Love for nature, love for health and wellbeing, love for people and the world we live in.

Do you have a business? Share how you came about the name!

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