The magic of Yarrow|Pom


My deepest gratitude to my dear friend Andrew Sybydlo for taking this amazing shot of dōTERRA Yarrow|Pom on the backdrop of the beautiful Carpathian nature. This photo really represents the oils and my work to me: joining forces with nature for better health, going to the source of medicine instead of begging for a handout from a pharmacy. The oils give us an immediate and convenient access to the very essences of healing properties of plants.

I was once asked a question: “if you only could have one dōTERRA essential oil for the rest of your life, what would it be”? I know, a terrifying prospect, but the more I think about it the more I have to admit it would be Yarrow|Pom. Why? Because it does EVERYTHING.

Yarrow is a legendary plant believed to be used by Achilles to stop the bleeding of his tendon. He then demanded his soldiers to carry it to battle. My 1974 Ukrainian herbal book “Medicine around us” lists at least 50 uses for yarrow: supporting the liver, kidneys, urinary tract, a blood builder, effective as a remedy for amenorrhea and anemia.

When distilled into an essential oil, Yarrow chemically changes creating a new compound – chamazulene, which gives it the rich blue color (you can read more on chamazulene here: Chamazulene is an incredible antioxidant, supports the immune system and fights free radicals.

Combined with cold pressed pomegranate seed oil, Yarrow|Pom can be applied topically to beautify the skin and internally to support the body in fighting free radicals and boosting the immune system.

Emotionally, Yarrow|Pom is known a steh Oil of Energetic Safety. It is a conduit for light and serves as an oil of protection by shielding us from negative influences that drain energy and strength (these may be from other people, world events, unseen spiritual forces). In this way, Yarrow can dispel feelings darkness that can overshadow us with anxiousness, worry, and fear. What a powerful ally indeed.

Because of this wide range of benefits, I have to choose Yarrow|Pom as my “one and only forever” oil.
If you only had to use one oil forever, what would it be?

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