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With holidays just around the corner, we are hard at work thinking about getting our loved ones the best gifts that would be as useful as they are enjoyable. If you are a fellow dōGIRL (or guy) and love your dōTERRA lifestyle as much as I do, I say – share what you love! Sharing is caring and for those of us who found the way of life with the oils (and cannot imagine it any other way) – why not gift your loved ones an oil experience?

Below is a lineup of my favorite ways to introduce people to the oils through easy, meaningful gifts that also allow me to be environmentally conscious. I have come up with or researched these over the years and every single one of them is a great success.

  1. The salts

This is probably the easiest way of letting someone have a little experience. Never, I repeat never, throw out your empties. Once only a few drops of oil is left in the bottle, pop the orifice out (make sure to throw it into your diffuser so that the water strips and diffuses any last drops on it) and stuff the bottle with unscented epsom salts (my fave is San Francisco salt company, on Amazon). Put the top back on, tie a ribbon around the mouth – and voila! The oil will infuse its smell into the salts, and these can be used as smelling salts or dropped into a bath for a beautiful SPA experience.

2. The sprays

One of the coolest ways to reuse your empties. You can buy little glass spray bottles or you can but spray tops for your dōTERRA bottles (Amazon, ShareOils) and turn them into room sprays, shoe sprays, yoga mat sprays, and, best of all in winter – sanitizing hand sprays. With something delicious like OnGuard or a blend of citruses and woods (I love Cypress and Siberian Fir), or something gingerbread-y with Ginger, Cinnamon, Cassia and Clove. They will love the scent, and you get the opportunity to explain the detriments of regular hand sanitizers and how nature already has something with natural cleansing properties and protects against seasonal threats.

3. The stuffers

Stocking stuffers are the best. Yes, you get a big gift for Christmas but in a stocking stuffer you get like 10 gifts, albeit small. It’s sooooo much fun getting all of them out! My fave stocking stuffers are:

  • DeepBlue Samples (can get the packets or use the tube and put a dollop into a cosmetic container)
  • OnGuard toothpaste sticks
  • OnGuard, Breathe, and Ginger&Lemon drops
  • Children’s probiotic sticks
  • OnGuard and Breathe beadlets
  • Kids’ Collection rollers
  • Emotional Aromatherapy rollers
  • SPA lip balms

4. The edibles

Everyone loves a baked goodie! Making yours with the oils is not only fun but such a great way to show people this underutilized way of oils usage. I love making these lemon lavender shortbread cookies. They take Lemon and Lavender EOs, a little lemon zest and dried lavender for garnish. I print out the recipe and pack in with the cookies into little boxes (I did plastic tupperware last year but I am thinking I’ll do something more sustainable this time like those Chinese food to go boxes or paper boxes). There is a whole recipe blog that dōTERRA has where you can research what you’d like to make. This year I will be making these Gingerbread cookies.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and ideas and share your love of the oils and the dōTERRA lifestyle this holiday season.



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