Recipe for a perfect housewarming party

We did it! We hosted our housewarming party! I am so grateful to those who came to welcome us in our new home. And, of course, I made sure to treat everyone the oily way! Hereby I present to you a recipe for a perfect housewarming party:

  • a citrus oil in the diffuser
  • spray TerraShield around the deck so people can enjoy the back yard without being eaten by the mosquitoes
  • a drop of Lime and Cilantro essential oils in the guacamole
  • a drop of Lemon essential oil in a big glass jug of water
  • a drop of Black Pepper oil in hummus to spice it up a touch
  • OnGuard hand soap in guest bathroom
  • a drop of Cardamom oil in the banana bread
  • OnGuard cleaning concentrate spray to clean it all up
  • DeepBlue on your feet and shoulders after everyone leaves

The truth is: once you begin your essential oil lifestyle and experience the benefits and how much more flavor it brings into your life (pun intended) – you cannot imagine it in any other way! Ready to begin and take your quality of life up a notch? This link will guide you to setting up your own doTERRA wholesale account so that you, too, could begin this marvelous journey.

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