Out with the old, in with the new: The New Moon intention setting ritual.

As I head over to the basement with candles, crystals, and oils in my arms, my husband follows me with an exasperated gaze. I haven’t always been “weird” like this. I used to be a “normal” woman: concerned with shopping, cooking, and work. But as I deepened my relationship to spirituality and nature (my yoga teacher training played a major role in it, you can read all about it here), having milestones to reflect on my life and connection to the Divine became important. Very few people in my life get this transition, but it doesn’t matter – I feel renewed and filled with joy every time I take the pause and create space for the connection with my higher self, Mother Nature, and the Divine Feminine. One of my favorite things is to do the New Moon and Full Moon rituals. Women used to be deeply connected to the Moon cycles, and something about following Grandmother Moon on her journey and working with her waxing and waning energy just FEELS RIGHT. Here I am sharing my favorite two ways to do the New Moon ritual. New Moon is the beginning of a Moon cycle, and a powerful time to set new intentions and get clear on what you want to manifest in the next 28 days. These are simple, yet powerful and allow you to feel guided and supported by the cycles of nature and deeper wisdom. So here are the steps:


  1. Gather your items: candles, pillows, treats, crystals, smudging herbs, tarot or oracle cards, journals or art pages, pretty pens and markers. Depending on the ritual you want to go with you can prepare a diffuser with some water, or a bowl of Epsom salts.
  2. Find comfortable, quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Sometimes “space” needs to take the form of time, and means waking up early or staying up late so that those in the house with you don’t interrupt you.
  3. Create sacred space: light the candle, I like to have tea and a sweet treat (maybe some dark chocolate covered almonds, or matcha, or golden milk). It is nice to clear the energy of the space by smudging with herbs. I am personally not a fan of the smell of sage, but in love with Palo Santo. You could also make a room spray with some water and essential oils (Siberian Fir, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Lavender are favorites) and spritz it all over the space.
  4. Once you cleared the space with smudging and lit a candle, settle in for a short meditation. I like to set my Calm app on a 10-minute unguided meditation, and just sink in. For this particular meditation, I don’t just focus on my breath but try to feel into all the things that I’d like to manifest in the next Moon cycle. I take note of all the things that come to me, without judging or rationalizing them. The heart wants when it wants!
  5. After tuning inward with a meditation and figuring out what the heart wants, I go on to seeing what the Universe wants for me. This is where I work with my Moon Deck. Any tarot or oracle deck will work, but specifically for the Moon ceremonies I love my Moon Deck. I also love it because it comes with a little guide book that not only tells you the meaning of the cards but suggests a ritual to strengthen each intention. I pick three cards and allow them to show what the universe wants me to focus on in the coming Moon cycle.
  6. Once I have gathered the inner and outer guidance, I go through my Emotions and Essential Oils book and pick oils that reflect this cycle’s intentions. For example, for this cycle I chose Cedarwood the Oil of Community to foster stronger community and find my soul tribe, Roman Chamomile the Oil of Divine Purpose to solidify my purpose and calling, Arborvitae the Oil of Divine Support to feel that the Universe has my back, Clary Sage the Oil of Vision and Clarity to clarify the path to take in the new year, and Wild Orange the Oil of Abundance to foster abundance in 2018. I only use doTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils, as their sourcing and testing produces the highest quality and potency of essential oils. Once I pick my oils, I do one of the two things:
    1. Add them to the diffuser and diffuse for the remainder of the ceremony as I work with my journals.
    2. Add them to Epsom salts, inhale a few times, and seal in a glass jar to be used during the Full Moon ceremony.
  7. Lastly, I write my intentions in a pretty journal. My current favorite is Elena Brower’s Practice You, but I have also used printed sheets from Anne Hayman’s Moon Sisterhood which can be found here.

I hope you find this ritual simple yet powerful, and a wonderful way to connect to your inner guidance. These pauses and attuning with the cycles of nature are of utmost importance for women to connect to their feminine nature and wisdom. May be get in touch with your Divine Feminine.





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