Oils for pets

If you would have talked to me two weeks ago you would find me frazzled, distraught, and barely coherent. This state was brought on by the fact that my puppy @wellnesswestie was attacked by two different dogs in the course of one week.

During Memorial Day weekend a neighbor’s hunting dog came into our yard and went after Charlie, tumbling him on the ground and biting him viciously. I was able to snatch him away but not before he got a bloody gash on his back. A week later we were running around the neighborhood and another dog ran out of their yard and went after my puppy – I pulled him into my arms by his leash to save him.

Both these instances made me very grateful for my oils so I wanted to share how I use them on Charlie:

  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) on his bite to support healing
  • Lavender to calm him down (I used it when we lived in Texas to curb his reaction to environmental threats and it helped a ton!)
    +Frankincense on his scrapes to help them mend faster
    +Pet deodorizer spray that we use in his crate and on our couch
    +Immune booster since we moved to Indiana to help him in winter
    +Calming spray after the two attacks to help him come out to the yard and socialize with other dogs

Oils can and should be used with pets. dōTERRA’s veterinary advisory board is gearing up to share many more recipes and advice with us. Do you use oils with your pets? Put a heart in the comments if you want me to share the recipes of these sprays!

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