Oils for baby

Baby shower gifts! My sister-in-law recently had her baby shower, and in addition to the standard bottle cleaners and bottle drying rack from the registry I made sure to sneak in the entire Emotional Aromatherapy Collection in rollers. Why? Well, all the baby gifts are great, but something needs to keep the mama sane too! #amiright

One of the big areas of discussion/controversy is the usage of essential oils with children. When used wisely, oils can offer tons of benefits for the baby as well as the mother (the catch? they have to be high quality). The “Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils” by Dr. Mariza Snyder, works of Robert Tisserand and Eric Zielinski suggest that oils can be used to assist during pregnancy, birth, and for tending to the baby.

I partnered with Cafe baby to bring you a blog post on best oils for the expecting mother and once the baby arrives. I offer recipes, safety tips, and resources to turn to. Click this link to read and I hope you enjoy!

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