I wrote this piece of poetry when my (now) husband and I were celebrating out 1 year anniversary of being together. Before him I never really met a man who’d treat me so well, or show so much respect and consideration. I surprised him with this poem over Skype, as at the time we were doing long distance.


The winter in my heart was growing wild and cold.

I looked with empty eyes into an empty world.

I left it all behind, as so I madly ran.

I ran from pain, from places, and from men.

I thought if I could run just far enough

I could forget… And then again I’d laugh.

Again I’d see the light in every day…

Somehow it wasn’t happening my way.

So I gave up, decided not to care.

Relationships? They’re neither here nor there.

My work – that is what’ll get me by.

And so I worked… all day, all through the nigh.

I liked it. It was quiet, peaceful, safe;

I didn’t have to open up or be so brave,

Go out on a limb and try to touch the sun,

Could still go out on dates – but just for fun.

I was afraid to trust and give myself away.

For what? To end up with more tears and pain?

I had no faith, thought that I’d had enough.

I’ve closed myself, and closed my heart from love.

I built those walls that were ten miles high.

Behind those walls I hid myself; I hid my life.

Decided I’m in charge, I’m my own boss.

I’ll never get to know the chilling fear of loss.

And then one day… My winter ended dead.

It was like a blazing comet hit me on the head.

He stormed into my life, he caught me by surprise.

My world got pierced by a pair of sky blue eyes.

My mind was enraged. How dare you again

Let down all your guard and give trust to a man?

“Calm down,” said my heart. “It’s not all said and done.

Just wait and you’ll see. He just might be the one”.

His loving words, two dimples when he smiles,

And those breathtaking, deep and kind blue eyes.

So thoughtful, patient, sincere and nice.

A chip by little chip he went and broke my ice.

I thought my heart was locked in frozen state for good.

Somehow he saw right through that… and he understood.

He understood my nature, insecurities, my fears.

With gentle touch he swept away my flowing tears.

He took my clouds and shooed them all away.

He showed me he was real… and he was here to stay.

I still don’t know which God to thank for bringing him to me.

All that I know is, he’s beyond my wildest dreams.

I couldn’t dream him up despite how hard I tried.

With every breath I’m grateful he is mine.

All that I know is that we’ve always meant to be.

I am the perfect match for him, and he – for me.

My heart will never be so frozen, icy cold.

It has been melted by the best man in the world.

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