How do I start with dōTERRA?

I get this question a lot: how do I start with dōTERRA? There seems to be much confusion about it which keeps people from trying it out. With almost 8 million customers worldwide, dōTERRA is undoubtedly the leader in essential oil quality and education. Best of all, you have many options to sample the products it has to offer. So here are your choices:

  1. Purchase retail. Wanna try one or two oils, just like you would grab off the shelf at Whole Foods? You can purchase dōTERRA oils through regular retail and get them shipped to your home. It’s just like shopping on Amazon. Just click the “dōTERRA retail” link in bio and try a few things.
  2. Open a wholesale account. This is kind of like Costco: you set up a wholesale account for one year and buy your oils and lifestyle products any time you want at 25% off. You can find the link for this in bio. The wholesale account fee is $35 (way less than Costco lol) or it can be waived if you open your account with one of the kits of products bundled at a discounted price. The kits range in price and benefits you get with them.
  3. Open a wholesale account and set up a loyalty order. First part is same as above but you also have an option of setting up a monthly loyalty order that earns you product points and free items. This is OPTIONAL – there is misunderstanding that with dōTERRA you are “roped into” monthly ordering. This is simply not true.
  4. Open a wholesale account, set up loyalty order, opt to share. Again, there is a misconception that opening a wholesale account pressures you into sharing the oils. Not true. You can opt into switching your account to business status (no additional fee) and share oils to earn commissions.

Which option works best for you? Let me know in comments & we can get you started!

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