Get that last drop!

Do you love your doTERRA essentials oils like I do? Do you obsess about getting EVERY.SINGLE.LAST.DROP out of those precious bottles? I have a few ideas!

In fact, in almost 4 years of using doTERRA oils I have developed a pretty streamlined system of step by step actions that ensure I make my oils work for me for as long as possible. So, when an oil runs out and I cannot get any single drop out anymore, here is what I do:

  1. Place the bottle in the diffuser. You would be amazed how great this works! Remove the orifice from the bottle and throw both the orifice and the bottle into your diffuser, then fill. You want to use the diffuser in which the bottle will comfortably fit lying on its side (like the Petal diffuser). The water will get inside the bottle and pull the oil from the bottle and the orifice – so that you could still diffuse the oil! I can usually get 2-3 full diffuser runs on that empty bottle and it is fun to experiment with using different bottles to mix into blends.
  2. Fill the bottles with epsom salts. Water and oil do not mix, so even after you’ve run your diffuser 2-3 times with the empty bottle in it – there are still particles of oil in there! Fill your bottle with unscented epsom salt and let it sit a week or so. You can then drop the bottle into your own bath or gift to a friend – it is a great way to introduce someone to essential oils!

3. Finally, if I kept the bottle for myself, after using up the epsom salt I place the open bottle onto the shelf over my commode so that the bathroom can smell nicely. It will last about two weeks, maybe a bit less. But it sure smells better than any commercial toxin-laden air fresheners or bathroom sprays.

Let me know in the comments how you get the most out of your oil bottles, let’s share wisdom!

Love, Lana

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