Being of service…

We are currently facing the unspeakable. The challenges that came about and those that lie ahead are creating a new reality to which we are all looking to adjust the best we can. During this pandemic, I am working to step up to serve my community even stronger and fiercer than before. Peruse the offerings below and let me know how I can be of service to you in these difficult times. For any of these items please use this contact information:


Text: (252) 375-1971


Moving your body is a gift. Moving your energy helps process challenging emotions, detox what is no longer helpful, and imbue your mind with novel solutions. Contact me for a private Zoom based yoga session. At $15 for an hour – this is the best deal on a private yoga class from an experienced teacher that there is.

Care packages

I have a lot of herbs and essential oils on hand, as well as come tinctures and all natural hand sanitizing sprays with alcohol and essential oils. I am delivering these and asking for pay-what-you-can donations. You can reach out and let me know what your needs are (immune support, respiratory, digestive, detox, emotions) and I will prep a care package for you and drop in your mailbox.


Wanna be pen pals? While social media is certainly helpful at this time, according to Seth Godin we can do better than a Facebook status update of “how y’all doing out there?” Spending quality time connecting with others and showing them care and genuine interest is of paramount importance right now. My preferred method is letters. If you’d like to receive a handwritten letter in a pretty envelope -let me know and I’ll pop one in the mail for you.

Herb walks

As a certified herbalist, I am well versed in edible and medicinal plants that grow wild and free all around us. As the weather gets warmer and more greens are popping up – we are able to gather our own food and our own medicine. Want to forage yourself a salad for dinner? Reach out and we’ll meet up in a park (6ft apart kept at all times of course) and enjoy a social-distanced foraging adventure. I will show you what plants are okay to eat and how to cook them – so you never have to worry about the shortages at Kroger again 🙂