Best oils for travel!

Travel is deeply embedded in my life. I have traveled all over Europe when still in Ukraine, have now lived in 5 different states in the US , made travel and tourism my college major, and don’t even get me started on the life of an immigrant trying to see their family as often as possible. And I have to admit that nothing has upgraded my travel experience the way oils did.

For example, I spent over 48hrs traveling back home to Indianapolis from a small village in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains after the Carpathian Yoga Fest while having a cold. Sounds miserable, right? But I had my Peppermint and OnGuard bedlets with me and took those at regular intervals and by the time I came home I barely felt any sickness. Miracle? Oils!

Here is a lineup of my must have travel oils, coming from a very experienced jet setter:

  • OnGuard oil or hand sanitizer – goes on EVERYTHING
    +Lemon to add to my water
    +Peppermint and OnGuard beadlets – crazy convenient format to take internally
    +DeepBlue roller – saves sore muscles and achy feet
    +Lavender roller – goes on cuticles, any skin irritations, sunburn, chapped lips, basically allllll the things
    +Rose roller – immune support, natural perfume, keeps my heart open
  • Peace roller – to keep my cool when anything goes haywire (which in travel always does)
  • TerraShield – repels all sorts of bugs whether on a hike or in a sketchy hostel

These are my musts! Do you have any have-to-have oils when traveling? Share in the comments!

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