Best morning ritual

Gotta share with you guys my new favorite morning ritual! I love figuring out little ways to use my oils that make a big impact. Y’all know that the way you start your day impacts your whole day. Oils have been the biggest game changer for me when it comes to setting the tone for my day in the morning. I always drink a big glass of water with Lemon essential oil first thing in the morning and take my LLV, Mito2Max, TerraZyme, and DeepBlue supplements. And now I have one more ritual that totally rocks and makes me so happy plus it has a ton of health benefits!

Step 1: Apply a drop of Cypress and a drop of Lemongrass to a dry brush and brush the body in circular motions from extremities towards the heart. This helps your circulation first thing in the morning and stimulates the movement of lymph.

Step 2: Take a shower with the doTERRA SPA Exfoliating Body Scrub to remove dead skin particles and allow the pores to open so that whatever your lymph moves to the surface – can come out through the skin (which is your largest organ of elimination btw!).

Step 3: Apply Slim&Sassy essential oil blend with the Fractionated Coconut oil all over the body. This is such a treat! Peppermint gives this amazing cooling sensation while Grapefruit and Lemon totally wakes you up. Slim&Sassy stimulates metabolism and helps with cellulite and fatty deposits.

Step 4. Take 1-2 Slim&Sassy softgels with water to really give your morning metabolism a boost. And off you go into your perfect day!

Have favorite oil rituals? Please share!

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