About that body image thing.

I shopped for clothes! Duh, you’d say, as your eyes roll as deep as they could go. But hear me out: for me it is actually a huge deal. Since I got off the pill and decided to manage my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) naturally, my body underwent a lot of changes. Immediately after I quit my cycle ceased, my face got covered with acne, and the number on my scale started to climb with merciless reliability.

Almost two years later, I kicked most of these symptoms to the curb: my face is clean, my hair and nails are strong, my cycle normalized. I credit this to my PCOS protocol (you can read my blog post with the complete protocol in the link in bio). But the last thing that I am now working on is my weight.

For a long time I kept all these clothes that didn’t fit me anymore, saying that “I’ll wear them again when I lose weight” and all it did was give me anxiety and self-loathing. Walking into my closet and seeing all that stuff that I could no longer wear made me super self conscious and upset.

While I eat healthy (I mean, 80/20 is the name of the game lol) and do my best to work out and manage my blood sugar, I still needed to work on my body image and self esteem (remember the your issues become your tissues post?). Hating your body will NOT help you heal it. So I used two major oils to work on this emotionally, and I am happy to report that it helped! I finally put away all the clothes that no longer fit me and went shopping! I haven’t shopped for real clothes in a long time (my mad dashes to Athleta for a pair of yoga pants don’t count). I chose clothes for my current size and not for “when I lose weight” and it felt so good! So here’s the secret sauce:

Bergamot – The Oil of Self Acceptance. It helps us relieve feelings of despair, self judgement, and low self esteem.

Grapefruit – The Oil of Honoring the Body. Teaches true respect and appreciation for our physical body, supporting us in treating it right.

How do you support a positive body image?

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